You Will Never Become Rich Having These Things

A lot of people struggle financially while making excuses as to why they are struggling. The excuses could be, “I don’t have enough money”, “I don’t have the right idea”, “I don’t have capital” among other excuses usually people make. Dan Lok states that the major thing that holds people back is the EGO. The EGO comes in many disguises. There are mainly 13 of them. Let’s take a brief look at these EGOs.

Broke people make Excuses

The Blame EGO

Lame People Always Blame People. When this EGO arise, those struggling financially look for people and events to blame for their struggle. It could be the Government, the economy, the industry, their friends, their families, their parents among other things and people. Those with this EGO normally blames others for their own failures.

Lame People Blame People

The Know It All EGO

This EGO dupes people into thinking that they know everything and that they do not have the need to read and learn more and new things. The Know It Alls keep repeating the same things over and over again expecting different results and from Dan’s point of view, it is the very definition of INSANITY.

Insanity is redoing things over and over expecting different results

The Fearful EGO

This is what mostly hold people back. Most of the people who want success fear failures; they fear making mistakes and to learn from those mistakes. The word FEAR is an acronym. It stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is nothing more than just a made up story in ones mind.

False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR)

The Comfort Zone EGO

This EGO normally makes a person to feel too complacent and too comfortable in the current status that they are in. The comfort zone for people with this EGO is their Income Zone. When you get comfortable in your current status it means that you are not GROWING and when you are not growing it means that you are DYING.

Getting too complacent means you are DYING not GROWING

The Judgmental EGO.

Imagine walking down the street and suddenly a Ferrari drives by. What will be the first thought that comes to your mind? You will probably be thinking of criticism. For instance, “That’s not even his car”, “I bet he stole that car”, if it’s a lady you would probably say that she’s a Gold Digger. This is called projecting your own insecurities and your own values into other people. You don’t know what they did to get it. You don’t know the kind of Hardwork they put to get that Ferrari. The question is, HOW DO YOU KNOW?

How Do You Know?

The Exuces EGO

You can Either make Money or make Excuses. You have got to pick one since you cannot do both. An excuse is nothing more than a well planned LIE. The excuses EGO normally states, I CAN’T instead of HOW CAN I?

Stop making Excuses. Just Do It!

The People Pleasing EGO

This EGO always wants to make sure that everybody is happy and everybody is okay. People with this EGO always puts other people first instead of themselves. Dan Lok says that sometimes in life you have got to put yourself first before others. You have to be Selfish so that you can be Generous.

You Have to be Selfish First so that you can be Generous

The Justification EGO

People with this EGO always have the reason as to why they cannot do something. They usually use excuses to justify their own failures. Stop justifying by making made up excuses but instead find reasons why you have to do something.

Stop Justifying yourself

The Jealous EGO

Have you ever said or hear someone else say, “Rich folks are greedy”, “Rich people are corrupt”, “Rich people are selfish”and so on; that is the jealous EGO talking. Do not critize what you have not done or what you are not capable to do.

Do Not Criticize What you haven’t Done or what you are not capable to do

The Fake EGO

This EGO makes people to feign their real selves. Just be yourself since everyone is taken. You can never be someone else. It’s rather you be hated for who you are than to be loved for you are pretending to be.

Better to be hated for who you are than to be loved for who you are not

The Shy EGO

Do not hold yourself into your own Buble making excuses as to why you cannot achieve success. This EGO evidences shyness or introvertsy as the reason why they cannot succeed.

Stop holding yourself in your own Buble while making excuses

The Other People’s Opinion EGO

This people care about what other people think or say about them. It could be your family, your friends, your spouse, your teachers and the rest of the other people. Stop worrying about other people’s opinions; if you continue to worry about how others view or think about you, you will never realize your ultimate potential and you will never grow.

You will never realize your true potential if you keep pleasing people

The Do It Yourself EGO.

Those with this EGO tend not to trust others to do something for them. They believe that everything is best done when you have done it yourself. This people tend to work alone and never request others for help even in their Businesses. Someone once said many hands and heads are better than that of a single person.

Many pairs of hands is better than just a pair

If you have the above listed EGOs then ensure to work on managing them and eliminating them in the long run. For any person to become truly successful they must eliminate their EGO.

What You Didn’t Know About Freelance Writing

What is Freelance Writing?

Freelance writing simply is an exercise of writing for money. It can be done from any part of the world as long as you have access to the Internet and a computer ( mainly a laptop, desktop, tablet or a simple smart phone). The best thing about freelance writing is that you get to work on your own terms. In other words you become your own boss. Isn’t that amazing? A person who does this practice is known as a freelance writer.

How Does Freelance Writing Work?

Freelance writing is like any other business. This is because freelance writers not only write but also market themselves and their skills to their potential paying clients. To become a successful freelance writer, you must have the skills to sell yourself effectively.

What Tasks Are Freelance Writers Given?

Freelance writers make up whatever texts their clients require. This may include these Four main types of writing: SEO writing, content writing, technical writing and copy writing. Generally freelance writers approach their work like any other business out there spending part of the time exploring the new business and part of their other time sojourning to the top of record keeping.

How Does A Freelance Writer Get Paid?

The most commonly used mode of payment for the freelance writer is the PayPal. PayPal basically is an American company operating a worldwide online payment systems that supports online money transfer worldwide. This means that the writer can get paid in whichever country or ZIP they are in. However, every client has his own payment type process. Sporadically a client will want the writer to send an invoice when the job is done or they pay half up front and the remainder after the work has been completed and handed in.

Why Do Freelance Writers Exist?

The main reason why this career exists is because companies and people are usually looking for great freelance writers to do projects for them at a time. For instance, a company requires a competent freelance copy writer to write either a booklet to launch a new product or a promotional blog to generate leads on their websites and also get potential targeted customers. Moreover, in today’s digital world, many companies do not exist in a fixed location thus often contract writers